Due 25th June - Still can't decide on a name! Please help!!

Discussion in 'Baby Names' started by optimisticmum, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am due our baby girl on 25th June and we still haven't decided on a name yet. I have to admit I am starting to stress about it a bit as with our son we had his name set about 2 months before delivery! Our son's name is Samuel and we obviously want something to go with him.

    I have to admit I have found it hard settling on the right name for her. I liked the names Amber, Jasmine and Abigail, but they have been taken by friends and family recently. (I discussed these names with the mums when pregnant and they just took them first! lol!)

    My OH and I like Annabelle and Olivia but I am still not sure if either is the one. Which one do you prefer? I also like Harmony, Hope and Melody but my partner doesn't like any of these

    Middle names will be Cheryle after my mum and Katie (Kathryn) after her auntie.

    Any suggestions?? I would love to find her name soon!!
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    We couldn't decide on names until the last minute either and I had twin girls to name!!- OH and I liked different names- we now have Isabel & Charlotte or Izzy & Lottie as we call them! I like both Annabelle and Olivia. Try not to worry because when you meet your baby girl you might completely change your minds! xxxx
  3. xSarahM

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    I think Annabelle is prettier, but Olivia is still lovely too.
    Here's some suggestions:
    Aria Cheryle Katie
    Maela/Maelie/Maelyn Cheryle Katie
    Piper Cheryle Katie
    Imogen Cheryle Katie
    Briony Cheryle Katie
    Jennifer Cheryle Katie
    Madalyn Cheryle Katie
    Niamh Cheryle Katie
    Ava Cheryle Katie
    Aurelia Cheryle Katie
    Aurora Cheryle Katie
    Ariella Cheryle Katie

    Good luck! :flower:
  4. fairy_gem

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    Jul 29, 2010
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    I love Annabelle.

    How about?

    Amelia Cheryle Katie
    Bethany Cheryle Katie
    Aimee Cheryle Katie
    Eloise Cheryle Katie
    Erin Cheryle Katie
    Eleanor Cheryle Katie
    Emily Cheryle Katie
    Felicity Cheryle Katie
    Francesca Cheryle Katie
    Holly Cheryle Katie
    Harriet Cheryle Katie
    Imogen Cheryle Katie
    Jemima Cheryle Katie
    Jessica Cheryle Katie
    Leah Cheryle Katie
    Megan Cheryle Katie


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