Dumb question-but have to ask. Please read.

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by AppleSeed, Oct 1, 2008.

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    I feel like I have a bladder infection. Is this something that I should pay attention to or do you think its just cause I am having so much :sex:? Anyone else? Regardless I might just go to the doctor tomorrow. But had to ask - you gals are such a wealth of information. :hugs:
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    If you;re bd a lot, yes that could be the reason. If its really bad by all means go see the doc. Otherwise id just drink lots of fluids (cranberry is renowned as has anti-septic properties, thus good for this). There are also over the counter medication you can take, for cystitis. Basically you need to flush out the bacteria in you bladder. usually that does the trick. Its very common this crap, lol!

    If you have bad pain and particularly pain in the kidney area, in your back. get it storted. I once developed an infection of the lining of my kidneys- but before you freak out- you will know if its that bad, trust me.:)

    Anyway, a little tlc will do wonders. (also going to bathroom after bd will help)

    Hugs, Omi xxx

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