Dumped for being pregnant..

Discussion in 'Single Parents' started by LadySparkles, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Just want to rant really. My boyfriend asked me to abort our baby today. He’s not my boyfriend anymore. I have spent all day trying to get through to him but he’s not listening. And he told me he didn’t think he loved me anymore (funny since he loved me before I found out I was pregnant) ... so I lost my temper and ended it with him. Then I retracted it because I’m a moron. But he wasn’t having any of it. He says we have split for now. For now? Pffft.

    I have begged him to see sense, I’m so pathetic. I’ve cried so much. I’m broken. He knew this was going to happen, he knew it. So now idk where I stand. I’ve cried on the phone to my friends. I want my dad so bad but he doesn’t even know and will be crazy at me because of my situation.

    All my friends say he doesn’t deserve me, have warned me not to take him back. That he will only hurt me again, since that seems to be his pattern. But I love him so much, so passionately. I need some advice.

    I’ve never been the strong and independent type. How the hell do I become strong? Someone help me please because I’m just gonna run back to him otherwise . But I don’t deserve all the pain he’s caused. Also, how do I get over this pain? Tia xxx p.s. am 5+2 today
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    When you found out you were pregnant and decided you wanted the baby EVERYTHING in your life changed, every priority, every plan, everything! Your ex-boyfriend doesn't want to make those changes, he wants the old relationship, but that doesn't exist now because you aren't the same person you were before you found out you were pregnant.

    This may just be temporary - he may just be scared but incase it isn't:

    What exactly do you think you'll need from him?

    Practical support with the baby? - being in a relationship doesn't guarantee you'll get help or support, neither does being out of one mean you wont get it. In 9 months when he's got his head round it he may want to help and be supportive, but that can be as a dad and a human being - doesn't have to be as your partner.
    Love and affection? - You deserve to get these from someone who actually feels it. Friends and family can sometimes love you better than boyfriend (especially if he's a bit of a rubbish one).
    Sex? - Well I'm sure there's plenty more fish available for that

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