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Early Scan today maybe!!!**UPDATE**


Expecting our 4th-A GIRL!
Apr 12, 2008
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I went to GP yesterday because I kept getting a pain in my side, he thinks I have a uti, but said abut maybe having an early scan - I explained to him that my original GP had wanted an early scan but the GP I saw when I booked in said no, so he rang the EPAU while I was sitting there but It had gone 5 'o' clock so there was no one there, he asked me to go and see him today at 10.40 so he could check my blood pressure because it was a bit high and he said that hopefully when I get there at 10.40 he would have already spoken to the EPAU and will be able to give me a time to go up!!!!!

I'm really excited but really nervous - what if it's all been in my head, or if I've had a mmc?? I'm really scared - so I think my blood pressure will still be up when its checked this morning!!!

All this pregnancy marlarky is a vicious circle!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Blood pressure is coming down but is still high! Scan booked in for tomorrow at 2pm but the pain in my side has gone! It's going to be agesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss till 2pm tomorrow.....................
good luck hun, hope everything is ok x
Hope everything goes well this morning, let us know how you get on xx

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