Ectopic Pregnancies *PLEASE* Read

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    An ectopic pregnancy is a danger to your life so please read!!

    Personally I don’t think the symptoms are made aware as much as they should be!

    My personal experience was spotting followed by a normal period (or so I believed) then more spotting followed. My best mate suggested a pregnancy test to which I thought she was barmy until I done one & there it was in my face totally none the wiser to the possibilities we got excited to be faced with the devastating & confusing reality of an ectopic pregnancy – I was very lucky to catch on so quickly thanks to my friend where many women will go on to the following month none the wiser there is even a pregnancy there! This weekend I’ve seen a great girl face the bigger reality of a ruptured ectopic who told her OH to go back to work she was fine – ONE hour would have made a difference to her life.

    So my advice is as follows:

    If you are pregnant & spotting don’t feel you’re stupid & wasting the doctors time PLEASE SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY

    If you are not pregnant & you experience spotting at an unusual time of your cycle again SEEK HELP

    Every pregnant woman experiences tiredness I found with my situation I wasn’t just tired I was *exhausted* hardly keeping my eyes open within hours of getting up this was our Imis situation but again didn’t realise she should be taking note of what seems such a small unrelated thing – Please be open minded about how tired you are! NEVER play with your life no matter how small a deal it seems!

    There is a difference between uncomfortable & PAIN – Any pain please go to A&E – Not your GP - IMMEDIATELY

    If you know you are pregnant & experience any of the following PLEASE SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY

    Lower back pain
    Shoulder pain
    Faint & dizziness
    long-lasting throbbing in one side of your lower abdomen

    If you EVER experience any of the above & have not tested or you have tested negative please consider testing again IGNORE THE DAY OF YOUR CYCLE – It made a BIG difference to me!

    What is an ectopic pregnancy?

    An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilised egg attaches itself outside the cavity of the uterus (womb).

    The majority of ectopic pregnancies are found in the Fallopian tubes.

    In rare cases, the egg attaches itself in one of the ovaries, the cervix (neck of the womb) or another organ within the pelvis. An ectopic pregnancy is not usually capable of surviving and in most instances an embryo is not developed. An ectopic pregnancy will spontaneously miscarry.

    The majority of women diagnosed will have to be operated on or treated with medication.

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