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Eye specialist???


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Nov 12, 2006
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Lily-mae has been referred to a specialist at the hospital to do with her eyes. She had her 8 month development check yesyerday and the health visito says it looks as if lily-mae has a squint. What does this mean??? She didnt explain it to me :(
a squinet is wher there eyes try and take in all it can see and sometime it cant, it can be correcteds my brother at 3 had to wear glasses til he was 5 and does not do now it can be when the eye is lazy sometimes too
A squint is when one eye turns in or out when looking straight ahead. Prince Andrew's lo has a squint. It can sometimes be treated with glasses as Iwantone says. Often the eye that squints is "lazy" ie it doesn't work as well with hte other eye. If the squint is correctable with specs then the put a patch (big elastoplast) over good eye for so many hours a day to get the lazy eye to work. Often childre are referred by hv for squint when it is something calle epicanthal folds/pseudosquint. This is cos children often have quite aflat to part of nose and lot of skin between nose and eye which makes them look as if they got a squint. The orthoptist will assessher and if she thinks she has a squint she will then get her seen by ophthalmlogist. (see post in 8 month assessment) Think I have repeated myself somewhat :D As said above pm if you have any questions and I will try and answer them for you hun.

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