Faint Line?


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Sep 1, 2006
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My friend has done a test and there is a faint positive line-is that a definitely pregnant or what? :?

I used the digital last time so have no idea :D
Was the line there before 10mins?
I think so yeah! :? Does a positive line come up after 10mins on the clearblue? :shock:
Sometimes a faint line can just be an evaporation line, that's why they say not to look at the test after 10 mins. If it was there b4 10mins and was the right colour, then yes, she's prob preg. I'm getting the same thing at the moment ^_^ Tell her to test again in 3 days.
oh congrats Gaby! xxx
Haha, dont congratulate me yet ^_^ Mines soooo faint. DH cant even see it, lol. Mine at the moment is more likely and evap line (at least i'm trying to make myself believe that so i dont get my hopes up :lol:)
is ur line appearing after 10mins ?
Wasn't sure about the last 2 ones (couldn't see it thru the window so took the cover off) But today i did the test without the cover on and i'm sure there was still a line (i dont even know y these tests have covers on. They're exactly the same as ones u do without covers :roll:) But its still so faint, i'm still wondering if i imagined it. But, my nipples have been sore yesterday and today and look a bit darker around them (tmi sorry)
fingers crossed for you hun xxx
The clear blue one's u recommended :D for £6.50 :wink:
:shock: Oooooo - Have you seen it then? When was she due AF?

An was it yoou woman - friend? Hmmmm :lol:
Ok IT WAS ME :oops: :lol:

My boobs were leaking yesterday I thought wtf. Last AF was end of December not due them again til next week :? The line came up faint last nite and this morning, and within a couple of minutes. + the diagonal line was faint tho :roll:

So I dont know. :?
:shock: Really!

well within a couple of minutes kind of says it all to me I think!! Go grab a Tesco pinky & confirm it maybe?
Oh an I knew it was you after I finsihed typing the first line I realised what you'd said in your first message - A friend ... then you used clearblue digi before THEN you mentioned the tests for £6.50 :lol:
CSI Wobbles!! :wink:

With Rebecca I used a digital, a simple Pregnant or Not pregnant. I have line phobia :D
If not due until next week I would say test Monday :D
I have been having a bottle of wine every night! :oops:

Is there an early predictor test u can buy? :?
Not any better than the CB would show you hun :D

Testing early is a naughty thing you know :lol:
Ah Karrina the old my pal line cant beat it hun. :sperm:

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