Feeling down


Aug 31, 2006
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The reality has hit me, im getting tests for infertility.
I never really thought about it before but it has suddenly hit me now and i feel down about it, i never considered there would be problems :( .
:hugs: hun

i can imagine how you feel but at least one way or another you'll know whats what when all this is over and done.
Oh hun I don't know what I could say to help but I can give you a well deserved BIG hug :hugs: You know where we are when the journey starts x
och babe, nothing any of us say will make it any better or easier, you just have to take one step at a time and see what they say at the appointments.

big hugs and im on msn just now if you need a chat...bxox
Aw AG :hugs:

There's something dreadful about the "I" word, isn't there?

At least someone is listening at last...


Had a good cry about it last night.

Its not fear of whats to come its just realising that weve had to go this route when i didnt expect it.
I know how you are feeling to a certain extent. Just had cycle monitoring (luckily all was ok) but suddenly thought "what if its not". The thought of fertility treatment was frightening i must admit. My cousin had lots of fertility treatment after 5 years ttc and actually fell pg naturally.
oh honey, i am so sorry i missed you.....i will try and be on tomorrow night...my mum is over tonight sorry....hang in there babe...bxoxoxoxooxox
aww hun I cant say I know how you feel but I expect it must be pretty daunting for you and something you'd never imagine yourself having to go through. I just hope thing work out ok and you get an answer soon, and if talking helps Im on msn
Arcanegirl said:
Had a good cry about it last night.

Its not fear of whats to come its just realising that weve had to go this route when i didnt expect it.
I say good for you it does you wonders I'm a believer of that just make sure Rob has an ear for you sometimes - Its not words that helps it's an ear & a hug.

Whats next for you hun & when?
Appointment tomorrow morning to go over blood test results at 10.30am
Good luck tomorrow. Let us know how you get on.

Im doing alright. Coming to terms with the fact that it may still be a while before we get pregnant.
Im currently awaiting an appointment for another hospital which probably wont come through untill January, two months away which i guess isnt such a long wait really.

My plans were to go to college after we'd had a baby and he/she'd turned 1 but ive decided to look around for some short term courses i could do along with working, CAD being a possibility. The next course on that doesnt start untill January so i still have some time to think about that.
"before we get pregnant."

Personally think you've just made the first step to a positive journey!


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