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Feeling so low :(


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Jul 13, 2008
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Hi Ladies, hope you are all well today!

I was wondering is anyone else is feeling really down? I dunno what it is but i am feeling so unhappy today, can't stop crying and can't get motivated. I'm still struggling with really bad sickness but i just feel so alone in this. Even tho i always have you guys and my OH is amazing, i just feel so crappy.

I don't know what i want you guys to say or what will cheer me up, i just wanted to get it off my chest in the hope i can stop the tears.

Thanks for reading girls, netty x
i get like that too am 10 weeks and so down my partner works away so i only see him oncetwice a week i have 3 children and this one wasnt planned xxxxx
Hey Netty,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so down, it really does suck! I am having my moments as well trying to deal with all these pregnancy hormones. Just remember the big picture, at the end of all of this you will have a beautiful little bubba, even though it is probably easier said than done. I was feeling like crap yesterday so I had a little movie marathon on my own watching all my favourite chic flicks - actually made me feel pretty good after that - distraction works wonders.

In the meantime, I hope you have a better day tomorrow & know that your OH is devoted to you and would do anything to make you feel better.

Take care,
Im just feeling fat and not very pretty lately , not really low , I got my hair cut the other day and I feel a little better . Hope you cheer up soon hun , maybe go out and get your nails done or something . :hug:
he is ok about it but other week we had our second scan due to problems and coz we onl got together end of july for the third bloody time lol he convinced himself that it wasnt his but luckly when we had a scan yesterday due to bleeding i think it put his mind at rest :)
I found that the mixture of nausea and exhaustion really got me down. When I learnt to get used to it i started feeling better. It's really emotionally exhausting to feel sick all the time.

I also found that since I got pregnant I didnt want to be home alone or without my husband. A bit needy even!
I found that the mixture of nausea and exhaustion really got me down. When I learnt to get used to it i started feeling better. It's really emotionally exhausting to feel sick all the time.

I also found that since I got pregnant I didnt want to be home alone or without my husband. A bit needy even!

I am feeling quite needy if i'm honest and also fat, bloated and ugly too.

I might go to ASDA tonight and get some goodies in and have a movie day tomorrow like esther did. Also i might get my hair cut as its looking really dry and frizzy lately and i might treat myself to some new make up, i just love mascara! I know i need to give myself a shake and snap out of it but i never felt like this when i was pg with my son, i always felt ontop of the world ha ha

Thanx ladies for your kind words and advice

Netty xx
Eat some really nice chocolate as well, choc increases your serotonin levels and is yum!
I am so sorry you feel so down.
I promise it wont last forever xx remember its for lo and it will be worth it in the end. I know its hard to see that far into the future xxxx
Your not on your own Netty.

I have days were i literally have to drag myself outta bed through either feeling sick or just tired, then i spend the whole day crying and wondering whether i can 'do this'

Am here if ya wanna pm hun
Have you a Midwife yet - they're supposed to ask you about your mood when they book you in so if you're feeling a bit low, they can give you extra support through and after your pregnancy. If you don't have a midwife, your GP might be able to offer some words of advice about the sickness and low mood. You already have a child and coping with MS and hormones on top of looking after a little one is bound to be wearing. I cried loads around week 5 but thankfully it wore off - hope your HCG levels start to fall soon - which they should - and then you'll hopefully feel better. Do you feel up to a small walk outdoors - we know from research that people who feel exhausted tend to feel better if they do small amounts of exercise several days a week, even if it is just getting out for 5 minutes. :hug:
Evening ladies,

I do have a midwife and she was supposed to pay me a home visit today but for some reason didn't show up or respond to the message i left her.........strange. I will mention to her when i see her about the low mood tho.

I do love taking my dog for a walk but my stupid super fear of wasps still has me hiding indoors. Couple more weeks and the evil beasts from hell will be gone and i can go out again whoop whoop!

Y'know i've been off work for 3 weeks now coz of the sickness, i'm due back on thursday but i don't think thats gonna happen :( anyway my OH was off poorly for 2 weeks with a chest infection and we kinda looked after each other in that time and now he's back at work i've gone all low and needy. I think is coz i got used to him being with me all the time, dunno it could be just hormones :-({|=
Hormones make people more needy! You're stuck in the house all day, feeling poorly and are bound to miss having adult company and someone to take care of you. You do tend to feel more weepy when you're not feeling physically on top of things - hopefully your mood will improve with the 2nd trimester and if not, it's OK to feel down in pregnancy and GPs/midwives/practice nurses have systems in place to lend extra help to people feeling this way. I'd chase up where the midwife got to tomorrow and get an appointment rescheduled. :hug:
I had this too, I felt so down like the world was crumbling and really their was nothing wrong. I had this around the 6-8 week mark on and off!!! It does pass but seriously I cried all day about everything at one stage I convinced myself I was getting depressed but as suddenly as it appeared it left me!!! and im feeling much better now!!!!:happydance: DAMM HORMONES LOL
I am having moments of being down today myself, was anxious before as I am only early into my pregnancy and just cannot wait to be a few more weeks along and then I was worried about how I looked, was having a fat day and those damn hormomes.

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