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    May 12, 2011
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    Please Help..:wacko:
    im having a little trouble understanding these..
    I started testing from CD7.. and..
    CD11 i got a very faint positive line - i did this at 5oclock
    CD12 then a stronger but still faintish line on CD13. - 3oclock
    CD14 just got a faint line again - 9oclock due to day out:dohh:
    CD15 very faint line again. - 5oclock
    Are these faint lines telling me that im O? luckly we have been BD around these faint lines just incase.
    Im not sure if im testing the right times either?
    Its hard because i work everyday so having to do tests stright after work.
    Help/advice please
    x :hugs: x
  2. Armywife84

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    If you read the instructions, the faint line means you are not ovulating.

    If the line is the same shade or darker than the controlled line then you will ovulate within the next 24-48 hrs.

    It also says that you can test anywhere from 10am-8pm. Some women find their best time to catch their surge is after 12. Mine is around 1, it just varies.. Also remember to limit your liquid intake within 2 hours before testing, otherwise you can receive a false reading.

    I've also tested twice some days, spaced out to make sure I don't miss it.

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