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First TTC this month not too sure if too early?


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Oct 1, 2008
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Hi this is my very frist time on this site and I am now getting a bit worried.
this is my first month of trying for a baby.:baby:

I have PCOS and have and have had myomectomy last year. They have found more fibriods ( not as big a s the last one)and I have had abnormal cells on cervix for the 3rd time.

Has anyone else had these problems and have betten the odds to have a baby?

I would love to hear some good news for a change.:happydance:

Sorry hun I dont have anything helpful to say but just wanted to wish you luck xx
same ere...not got ur probs....but dont belive no one on ere hasnt,so keep bumpin ur post up n u will get some answers, in the mean time i just wonna wish u the very very best of luck u WILL get there hun x x
I'm sorry to hear about your PCOS. :hugs: I don't have any experience with this, but I know there are other ladies on here who can help you.

Good Luck!!
Hi I'm sorry that I cant be of much help but I didn't want to just read and run and wanted to tell you best of luck and keep your chin up. You'll get there eventually.
Hey! I have also had abnormal results on pap smears a number of times. Last time I was given antibiotics before they did any further investigations to see if it was pre-cancerous - when I went back it had cleared up.
I spoke to the doc at length as to whether this could have a bearing on fertility or ability to have a healthy pregnancy and he assured me it didn't (have also heard this from another doc).
I can give you more details of our conversation if you want.
Best fo luck!
didnt want to read and run, cant help but lots of luck xxx :hug:

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