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Discussion in 'Single Parents' started by brownhairedmom, Oct 4, 2008.

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    Okay several people have asked questions about how much they should get from the other parent in regards to child support in Canada since this section has been opened. So instead of just answering every time I'm going to post the link from the Federal Government's website. Each province is listed into charts, you select how much money the person makes, and line it up with the number of children you have. This has been in effect May 1st since 2006. If you have children from before 2006 and are following the 1997 table, you need to make sure you're following the 2006 table now and not getting screwed over.

    If the father (or mother) has children with more than one person, you find his income/how many children he's supporting and you have to divide the amount by the number of children!

    Also: If the father is in another province than you, you go by the guidelines for the province that he resides in.

    Maybe a sticky so we don't have to go searching for this again?
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    Thanks for posting this. The part in red is what I haven't been able to find but needed to know.

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