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Found the sex out....I am having a .........


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Sep 2, 2006
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Blow me Pink it's a GIRL,am so thrilled,was soooooo shocked really thought I was having a boy

I need help with names girls,I like old fashioned names so far I have

and Ruby

Help gotta go with Chloe and Cook

Thanks Bex.x
How about Emily :wink:

Congrats hun it's great news

I love Izzy
awww thts gr8!!! i wud say chloe but u beat me 2 it.... hee hee :p
Am gearing at moment to Scarlet I want somehting different this time I loove chloe but there are loads! (sorry Yvanne)

Hard thing is hubby doesnt know I found out he will brain me,lol but I thought after all i have been through I deserved it,lol....

Thanks guys
awww congrats :D i love scarlet, and ruby they are gorgeous :D chloe i love that name to, my OH wouldn't let me name alexis that...jerk lol :D:D
Bexxie would you mind if I move this to the second tri??
I really like Ruby but DH wont let me have it :cry: Congratulations!
AWWWW congrats hun.
I love scarlet!
I'm confused?!?!? Did you have a scan, how did you find out? Have I missed something #-o

CONGRATS anyway babe, that is great!!! :dance:

Meg or Ruby are about the only ones I like hun....sorry :?

I like Meg, how about Georgina? It's traditional and can be shortened!
Tam Amnio results told me the sex,lol

No char I dont mind you moving this at all

Georgina is nice at moment think i am going with Scarlet or Ruby as i love red so much

Cant bloody have scarlet now :( a girl I cannot stand has just given birth and whats she called it,Scarlet ffs,am so annoyed. Dave was hinting at Morgan but i said P**s off I like it but know 4 girls called it :shock:

I think it may be Meg,Ruby or Elizabeth. I like Meg more though must admit. we will see now doing my brain in alreday. lol
aww the sister from eastenders scarlet and ruby allen i like both of them they mean red i like both of them i do prefere ruby but both of them are nice names congrats hun i cant wait to find out what i having i hope its a girl anyway congrats spunky xx
Ruby! I love it, but that is becoming very common too-says me who called my daughter Rebecca. Every man and his dog are calling their girls Rebecca. 6 on my street! :lol:

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