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Sep 22, 2006
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I am 14 weeks on Wednesday and looking at maternity notes that I got bsck last week, my checks are one at 16 wks, scan at 20 wks, 28wks, 34 weeks then every two weeks after that. Is this normal. With no 2 I was seen every four weeks, until 34 weeks when bp was up alittle so was checked every two. Due to mil with pre eclamsia, the fact that last time I carried a lot of water (looked like I was having large twins), and this time I'm even bigger (most people thimk I'm about 6 months gone), I don't know if I should I mention to mw at next appt on 19th Oct about concerns are if she'll think I'm neurotic :rofl: What do you think? How frequent are everyone elses appointments?
myn are the same crap isnt it? I went and made an appointment when i was 13 weeks so she canceled the 16 weeks one now I have to wait til 28 weeks :cry:

I have a 7 year age gap so am more neurotic than first time round,lol

Still scan is only 5 weeks now,roll on
But I believe also it depends on how many previous kiddies you have, if they were straight forward, they are not too worried about seeing you as frequent.......

I am on my 2nd, and I am being seen more but only because I had a threatened miscarriage and hyper.....I would have been seen originally every 4 - 6 weeks.
Well last preg straight forward but I have had 8 pregnancies in all resulting in only 1 live birth so dont know why they arent that bothered prob busy but could be coz i have medical training god knows?

Will wait til 28 weeks see how I get on

Ohhh how far a long were your other pregnancies babe? I think that plays a factor in it too :( why, I don't know?! But I guess the younger the m/c the less thay can do to help? :hugs:
im on my 3rd and i only go every 4 weeks, but thats only because i said i wasnt happy to wait 5-6 weeks inbetween checks, i thought that they would of kept a closer check on me as with my first the placenta stopped feed her, but it also depends if you choose solo care or joint care with the hospital thats what they told me when i asked.
I think I will speak to mine at next visit in a couple of weeks. I know if you've had previous pregnancies all should be well but I tihnk it is pretty silly to make tou wait such a long time. I suppose they think that because you've done it before you are more aware of things that aren't right. Patient care seems non existant within the NHS these days. Remember when pg with son had option of discounted Bupa cover. I thought it would be great to have ds private only to be told don't do ante natal etc private :cry: Didn't bother joining. This pg is going to be the most stressfull yet, won't bore you with details :rofl: Hope everything goes well for you bexxie :hugs: It really sucks that you don't get many checks :cry: I

Tam- I had 5 M/C about the 5 week mark and 2 terminations because the first one at 12 week scan found that there was not enough fliuid consistent and baby was growing very slowley,that was horrible I was 18 so I think being younger perhaps was a blessing,being put with girls having a termination for fun of it wasnt nice,(one girl was on her 4th in 2 years and was laughing,nearly punched her lights out!)

2nd termination i had just started nursing and had the Hep B jab which in itself is fine but then I had the follow-up 4 weeks later not knowing I was 6 weeks pregnant,the doc advised a termination again and I was scared and naive so i did because there were then worries of birth defects and at 21 I wasn't going to risk that!
Then at 24 got my angel Chloe but she was a twin which I lost (havent counted that one),I am majorly blessed with that child,she is like an Angel,she even got up Saturday and emptied the dishwasher for me as I wasnt well :D How sweet! she is a lovely child and so helpful.....

Then as you know M/C's galore til now and I am sittting here at 16 weeks nealry thinking it has all stopped again,because i havent felt any flutterings for a week,am odd arent i?

Thanks for listening to ramble
Awwwwwww babe :hugs: That is awful, I am so sorry!

No you aren't odd at all babe, I felt first rollings at 16 weeks and thru most of the week, but to be honest I am not feeling much at all and I am 19 weeks now?! So I am a bit confused about that, but I am sure if anything was wrong my body would let me know............I still get the hiccups, so that is a positive sign for me (I know it is weird, but I only get them loads when PG LOL).

Stay calm babe, I am sure you are fine.

Your little girl sounds gorgeous!! :hugs: xx

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