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Aug 31, 2006
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hi guys

well this is my first AF since my misscarriage in july. but its not my normal AF at all, far from it!

Normaly im very heavy and its here for about 8 days, but its still so light, hasnt really kicked in yet, and it looks like very old blood, more like heavy discharge than an AF ,very dark.

sorry this isnt a nice subject is it! lol, im just a bit miffed tho, any ideas? is this normal?

hi layla.
Sorry about ur m/c. I had a m/c in apr an like u before then my AF was usually very heavy an last for at least 5 days, since m/c my AF has been really light an lasts for about 2 days very strange. maybe somethin to do with body changing after our losses.
I think I would agree with Sophie. My bleed was odd this month I had 8 days (spotting, bleeding & spotting) & on my last day I had old blood type discharge.
With my miscarriage I lost a lot of blood and the nurses at the EPU said that my next AF would probably be heavier than normal.

I found it slightly lighter and less painful if anything.

I suppose everyone is different but as long as it goes within your usual 8 days I wouldn't worry about it. If it's lighter but lasts longer it might be worth seeing your Dr.
hey girls, i too bled very heavily with my mc, and my first af since it has been incredibly bad for a good two days...settling down now on my third night...i usually get them heavy but this is nuts. (((hugs)))) to you layla...bxox

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