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    I am scared! I have not held a job since basically 2003. That was when I received a letter in the mail from my employer stating that I was being terminated as I hadn’t worked in over 12 weeks. They had not put me on the schedule as they didn’t need me.

    I chose to try my luck with earning a teaching degree. I got accepted into a local college where I had to take many courses in order to take the college credit courses. That journey started in Fall 2003. It ended in Spring 2005. Around the time I should have been signing up for courses for the Fall 2005 semester I became too tired to even look at the booklet that was mailed to me.

    On August 25th, 2005 I took a HPT that was a :bfp: I called an OB and got seen on August 31st and was told that it could be twins. That I needed to come back in 2 weeks. Sure enough di/di twins. My identical boys will be 15 in April.

    We move to a new city 5 months after the twins were born and I just stay home with my 4 sons. My older 2 were 12 and 10 when we moved here. In 2008 I get pregnant and miscarry in April at 8 weeks. Fast forward to December and my last son was conceived just after the baby I lost due date. I found out I was pregnant around 3am on New Year’s Day 2009. He was due exactly 9 months from the 2008 baby’s due date which was December 13th, 2008 and my last son’s due date was September 13th, 2009.

    So I continued to be a stay at home mom. That is until Fall 2016 when I decided that Summer I would try and get back into school. I got accepted into the local 2 year college to get my AAS and continue my education at a 4 year university after. Well I did pretty good that first semester with few classes so the next semester I took a full load and actually got on the Dean’s List. Which I am still so proud of! In school as a kid I did poorly and here I am in my 40’s getting grades like that all while being a mom and a wife.

    I was only there for those 2 semesters as I only needed 8 credits to get my AAS. So I applied to the 4 year university and got accepted. I did fine there my first semester in Fall 2017. I also had to apply by the end of September into the Early Childhood Education Program which I did and I was accepted into that in October 2017. The program was tough with my family obligations and other life stuff. I had taken three 18 credit semesters and each had hours in the field. The Fall 2018 semester I got on the Dean’s List.

    About my AAS. I was able to get the 8 credits transferred back to the 2 year college in December 2017 and received my certificate in the mail in mid- January as they had some issues with getting the credits into their computer system.

    But in Spring 2019 it became too much and I failed 2 classes and one of those classes was only offered in the Spring so I had to wait until Spring 2020 to take it which I got a B this time.

    Well anyway I am in my last semester of courses for my degree and in Fall I do my final student teaching semester and graduate in December with my BSE. So then I should start working in late January as my student teaching doesn’t end until around the 19th or so of that month.

    I am so nervous to start! I wanted to give you a back story of why I hadn’t worked in quite some time. How do you handle going back to work after a break?
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