God i love pampers


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Oct 13, 2007
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well jack woke up after his sleep this morning and i took him to change him and well all i can say is THANK GOD for pampers. i have neverin my life seen such a big poo there was so much of it and pampers had managed to hold the whole lot in. seriously this poo was huge and runny and it wasnt on his clothes. THANK U PAMPERS :happydance::happydance::happydance:
We were watching the TV earlier (Ally and I) and the pampers advert was on and I was telling Ally that we put him in them at night because they're so good and have aloe for his bum! Sainsburys have a good offer on them at the moment if you didn't know! Glad the first nappy change of the day wasn't as much of a mess as it could be lol.
we don't have a morrisons :( think sainsburys is 128 nappies for £16. I don't think we have an asda either...just tesco and sainsburys. The 2 more expensive supermarkets probably...
why don't we have a morrisons down here! life is so unfair! don't they know people in devon are poor and in need of cheap nappies?!
:rofl: I had a poo all over her vest moment last week with Huggies!
I use disposable at night, and I have tried Huggies, Luvs and Pampers. huggies are crap! and he would have a poo leak every time in them. Luvs are better, and Pampers seem a bit better than Luvs.
Yay Pampers! Definitely love them and definitely HATE huggies!
pampers abosrb such much better and the baby dry balm keeps his bum nice x x

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