Got The Cold, risk to baby?


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May 18, 2008
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Hey all, I have the worst cold :hissy:
Coughing and sneezing all the time, I have tried to avoid picking up Daisy where possible and OH did the night feed last night but is there any point? Will she be ok? I feel like I am abandoning her!
Just wondering if anyone else has had this..... Was going to phone the HV for advice but feel like I will be pestering her. :blush:
I had a cold aswell no thanks to my cousin :dohh: eventually everyone in the house got it...we did think the baby got it at one point and i spoke to my healthvisitor about it and she said if it gets worse then call the doctors so they can give baby gaviscon (spelling?)
Its best to try and avoid the baby getting it obviously but if they do get can get help :)
Get well soon xxx
I've got it too right now...*achoo!*
So does LO's daddy and grandpa. And LO has had a stuffy nose and raspy breath for a few days, too. But you can't avoid contact with your baby completely, I think. And she's probably been exposed already... But if you're breastfeeding, keep doing it, as when your body fights the virus and produces antibodies, these are passed on to the baby in the milk and help her fight the virus, too.
Make sure you wash your hands lots I guess, try not to kiss the baby.. You cant really avoid your baby :( As much as it sucks when they get sick.

If your really worried you can always buy protective masks (like the respiration marks for isolation at hospitals)... lol... although I dont know many people who would do that.
I am in the same boat hun and a single parent, started with it last night.... but like the others say its very hard to avoid baby... just trying to kiss her less (which is hard lol) and not to breathe directly onto her but germs are in the air and i cant leave her home alone lol xx

Hope you are feeling better soon and I am sure if our likle ones get it they can get medicine to help them too x
i have had it aswell harry had it as well he stop feeding for a fewdays but midwife was comeing round everyday

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