Growth Scan/Consultant- and an update on the sparks? *wit pics*


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Jan 27, 2008
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So i Mentioned me seeing these lights/sparks to the consultant he didnt seem to bothered about them and sed keep an eye on it but if defo doesnt look like pre-eclampsia which is prob jus another werid symptom


so the placenta has moved out the natural birth for me lol..i know i wanted a c sec but i dont think im to dissapointed as they are equaiy going to be terrafying lol.

Bubba Now Weighs WHOPPING 6lb 2oz
she sed thats fine but is on the high end of normal..average is about 5 n half at this stage soo not tooo massive considering i got gestational diabetes too.


saw consultant after he seems happy with the scan and has sed to me they probably wont b letting me go past 38wks
and has put me in for another growth scan in 2 weeks at 36weeks woop woop see him again lol xx

So Heres the picci's the sono lady was really nice bless her and tryed her hardest to get us a few good pics xx

Thanks for looking xx
Glad everything went well and keeping an eye on you :) And great pic's XxX
Glad to hear things are looking good!

GD isnt as bad as people think, you just need to know how to manage it properly if you know its there.
Aww great scan pics. I couldnt get any at my last few scans because he was too big!
Im glad the scan went well and would be good if you get your baby a little early i suppose :)
Good news!!!!! Glad for ya! xx
Glad your appointment went well
Glad it all went well, how great also that you wont be one of the overdue mummies :happydance:
Ner ner ner no c sections for you lol!!

Glad everythings ok now!! Lets hope mine shifts in the next couple of weeks eh
Glad all went well hun!!! Cute pics of bubs face too!
Awwww he's so gorgeous :D
Glad it went well hunn, oooo may have to go 2 weeks early!! Lucky thing. It's getting closer now chuck! :D
Glad all is well and great pics! x

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