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Sep 1, 2006
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Excuse me why I scream ...


I keep failing the mock theory :p sometimes I get a pass of 33 or 31 then I go and Fail cos I get six wrong or sometimes as bad as 8 :x

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Hate it, and I cant do it, I wont do it LOL pmsl hahahahahaha

Im going to have an insane moment,

runs around screaming ....

hun you will find that you have never pass them when you pratice and find it easy when you do your test, espically on the harzard one i only passed it once when i was practicing it and failed the rest
Are you paying for the mock?

I have a BSM theory complete pack - Costs £25 & has ALL The questions that the real theeory test has!

Might be worth looking there before doing many mocks?
My OH has a cd to do the theory test at home to practise, he always fails it so far lol
Yer packs includes:

Pass your driving theory test book
Theory interactive CD-Rom
Theory test question book
Ive got some CD thing here, LOL Ive passed the theory part now 5 times in a row woooooo

I got

31- 33 - 33 - 33 - 32 Think im cracking that part, (not even asked for my theory yet, despite passing it last time, (its expired now see) I still feel nervous about having to do it again.

Ive not practiced the hazard one though, apparently its just a matter of clicking the mouse thing when you would break when driving IYKWIM hmm ive got a disc for it but I think I will hold of on that one, Im detrmined to get 35 on this thoery thing first LOL even though you just need 30 or above.

oh and to top it off DH has booked lessons he said now we will see whos the brains and passes all there tests first.



Sounds like the same CD Rob has, his has the hazard thingy on it
when i did mine i just kept doing the mock tests... until i got a to apoint were i knew the answer before i finished the question... i was getting 35 out 35 all the time and got annoyed with myself as got 34 in my test LOL

Good Luck hun... im sure u will do it :)
Its some DSA one it monitors your progress tells you if your ready for the test etc ... its a two disc one 2003/2004 edition.

Yea I keep doing it again and agin LOL so I also know the answer before Ive read the question LOL and im zooming through in 10 minutes pmsl.

Im having a break though and see if i can still pass tomorrow LOL will give hazard one ago next week sometime.


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