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Hair dye!!


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Aug 31, 2006
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Apparantly the saying if your pregnant you cannot dye your hair is a myth according to my nearest hairdressers :?

Anyone know any better? Layla maybe? 8)
I heard not to dye my hair when pregnant because of the fumes given off from the hair dye itself and sometimes on some women the dye doesnt work as it usually does...

had stopped dying my hair before i got pregnant anyways so didnt have to come across the idea of doing it..
She said it matters in the final weeks of your pregnancy!

I don't usually dye my hair b ut I'm going grey :oops: :lol:
Laylas reply (borrowed) from another site :-=

[the only one they advise you not to have is bleach, but you can have it in foils.

any other dye is ok, just be aware that it will take one shade darker coz of the preg hormones. ]

I have the same reason for dying mine wobbles :oops:

Cool thanks Charm (can't get use to your new name lol)

Think I'm gonna wack my dye in this evening then!! How old are you?

My Mum started going grey at 18 :shock:
my dr said i could dye my hair as long as i was in a well ventilated area :D:D i'm a dyeaholic have been since i was about 12 :? lol
I dyed my hair about 4 times when pregnant :)shock:) and Nathan is a healthy baby.

I didnt do it in the 1st three months though :)
Ohhh brill, I was going to ask this question too...................I will have to have my hair in foils then, as I have a very light blonde, but I am happy with that! :happydance:
I've had a few grey hairs since around 18. Not a lot but they would be noticeable if I didn't dye :oops:

As far as ive read theres nothing proven to say dying hair is harmful during pregnancy. Its just personal preference really.
You could always use the cap or have foils, they dont go right to the root of the hair.
Sorry! only just seen this....dont come in to these forums

yeah you can dye your hair, as above, it takes alot deeper when pregnant so it might come out a shade darker than expected. plus if you use bleach its best to use them in foils,

I just found out im pg again and im getting my hair done on monday i am having a full head of foils with dark brown and high lights and lowlights. Im only 5weeks gone should everything be ok.
I'm going to dye mine again this weekend, havn't done so since July and the roots are slightly showing. I asked my Dr. and they said as long as it isn't at the very end of your pregnency then it's ok, but that with some women durring the third trimester the chemicals don't take and it just dosn't turn out. Hopefully the dye will take to my hair

Mum2Boys said:
I just found out im pg again and im getting my hair done on monday i am having a full head of foils with dark brown and high lights and lowlights. Im only 5weeks gone should everything be ok.

I would say that would all be OK.......

Did you get your hair done babe?
I Soooooooo need to get my hair done, it is getting on my nerves now, my roots are nearly trees!! :cry:
No had to cancel the appointment bc their silly recptionist booked me in half an haour later than i wanted and as stacey! not stephanie and it didn't give me enough time to get back to pick up josh from nusery. Now with my probs wih bleeding im going to wait till after christmas-if i get that far :(
:hugs: think positive babe :hugs: x
i heared not to dye your hair as the the products in the dye are absorb into the blood stream but i dyed my hair when i was preg with second and had foils with my first so just read instructions and ask midwife or docs spunky xx
So who actually went ahead with the hair color because Im GAGGIN to book an appointment. Ive gone 4 months without hair color and although im naturally blonde but have it highlighted a few shades lighter, these roots are really started to piss me off. They say to avoid bleach? OUCH, whats a bleach freak meant to do???
Had foils in bth PG's ....

Been told it was fine as lonf as it didn't absorb into your scalp and blood stream?


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