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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by loop, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. loop

    loop Well-Known Member

    Sep 13, 2006
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    nething ready for the babys yet??

    i was just reading sumthing somewhere and lots of ppl due around the same time as he have been buying loads and already got the nursery decorated!!!!!:blush:
    I dotn have a thing well ive got all the big things like pram cot etc from when i had my dd but other than that we dont know what we are having this time ive got clothes in my MIL's loft that i need to sort out......... i need to decorate the spare room but have been told that im not allowed to do it and we are going to get someone in so we have rang them but i dont have a clue when they are going to come! im starting to worry now that i wont have anything ready.

    my mums got us sum nappies tho and wipes shes been getting a few bits but shes live 1 1/2 away lol

    I realyl need to get my arese in to gear but i dont know hwere im going to get the ££ for it all as im not working and we are just getting buy on what my oh earns :cry:
  2. Helen

    Helen ICSI Twins + miracle BFP

    Aug 31, 2006
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    We've not done very much either. We went and ordered the big stuff (cot beds, car seats and buggy) last week but that's it. Nursery is still a junk room which needs decorating and which we need to get a window replaced first.

    I have piles of clothes from my SIL, bottles and sterilisers from someone at work but that's it.

    I do feel a bit behind everyone else though I don't feel too worried about it. Perhaps I should get my bum in gear a bit more! LOL!


  3. Natalie&Karl

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    Jan 1, 2007
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    I wouldnt worry loop - still got a good few months to prepare!

    We haven't bought much - think i could even list what we have..

    x1 baby grow (we bought coz it was only £5)
    x1 outfit - little vest and dress (so flippin cute!) (Pressie)
    x1 towel/blanket with hood (pressie)
    x1 cardigan (knitted by Karls nan - i'll post a pic of it - soooo cute!)
    x2 socks (we bought - too cute to resist!)
    x1 nappy bin and cartidges (was a discount at Tescos - friend from a forum advised)
    A couple of Nappies (freebies from Baby Show)

    But i'm pretty sure that's about it!!

    I'm having a Baby Shower and my friends have asked me to prepare a list of things they could get me to help - also we'll probably be given loads from family closer to the time.

    Regarding, nursery stuff, cots and prams - probably won't start looking for another month or so.

    No rush, i'm pretty laidback about it all really... and we're not moving house until mid-May so won't start buying loads until then!!

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