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Heroes 9pm tonight in the UK!!!

Oh yeah :wohoo:
Perfect night tonight, Ant at footie, kids to bed, then i'm gonna snuggle in bed with some haribo Micromix and watch without interuption

Easily pleased aren't i?
Me me me me - I love heroes - can't wait. Going to get in the bath at 8.30, have a 20 minute soak then into my fluffy pyjamas (cos its cold outside) and into bed with the remote - no chance DH is getting his grubby mitts on it tonight!!!

My Oh loves this programme, i never got into it, i think because i was always working a late shift, so would miss it, try and play catch up and have no idea!!
Did you watch both episodes? We did. Loving it... loving it! Hurrah!
The new season is GREAT!! You'll love it! Enjoy it tonight!!
Me and OH only just finished watching last series on monday so was so excited I didn't have to wait long! Sky+ it so watching it tonight-I LOVE Peter Petrelli! x
Peter Petrelli is sooooo gorgeous and I am liking the bad boy thing, but just dont want him to turn evil!!
Hiro is soooo funny :dance:

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