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Hey I'm new


Proud mum to baby Nick
Jan 12, 2007
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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum.
I found this place by total mistake whilst I was just browsing online, looks kinda cool so I decided to sign up.
I have been TTC on and off for 5 months now but BF and I have been trying properly for around 2 months. I am currently waiting to test, so wish me luck.

How about you all introduce yourselves :D it would be nice to get to know you all and see how long you have been TTC also.
Hi Louise

Welcome to BabyandBump & the world of sending yourself completely lala :rofl: (TTC)

We started with what will will be as I thought I was infertile but after an ectopic experience realised that wasn't the case that ordeal ended at the start of May & have been actively TTC since with more than enough MCs behind me sadly.

Good luck this month - When is AF due? :D

Hey Louise! Good luck, and welcome (if the TTC doesnt send ya LaLa, we will hahahaha)
hello, welcome to TTC, i had been trying for over 2 years before i found out i had fertility probs, it's now been 4 years with a break in between. and we are hoping to start IVF later on this year.
hiya im not ttc but thot id say goodluck and hiya xx
HEY louise im tif im hoping and praying for a baba but not actively trying if it happens happens fingers cross all the bestxxx
Hey Louise welcome to Baby and Bump!

Weve been TTC for 16 months now, was diagnosed with PCOS in the autumn last year, my next appointment isnt untill August this year so am trying agnus castus for now see if that helps.
Hi Louise :waves:

We were actively trying for 2 years (though contraception didn't really feature for us before that :oops: ) before we got PG with twins using IVF.

First started TTC 7 years ago with a brief pause to dump the wrong man and settle down with the perfect man. :wink:

Good luck, hope you get a BFP soon.
Hi & Welcome to the mad house xxx
Louise tested at 2am ish an got a BFP Helen :D
Wobbles said:
Louise tested at 2am ish an got a BFP Helen :D

:dohh: Did I miss that somehow? Doh!

Anwyay, congratulations Louise :yipee:
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