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    hiya, im new on here, i was hoping someone cud give me abit of advice but i havent a clue where to post this at?

    I started taking cerazette on the 4th of feb, and was constantly bleeding with it and acting abit hectic so i stopped taking it altho me n my bf have still continued to have unprotected sex.
    When i stopped the pill the bleeding stopped a few days after but then about a week after that i had some spotting and abit of discharge (which has now gone) this past week i have been feeling really dizzy, my stomaches constantly turning and im knackered, i cud sleep the clock round, im not craving anything but when i get up in the morning i cud eat a horse, where usually i dont eat till lunch time, ive also been really emotional and crying alot, i feel abit bloated down low and have like wee niggly cramps, oh yeh and ive had really bad headaches.. think thats it

    any advice wud b much appreciated, i dunno if its a sign of pregnancy or if its just a number of things getting ontop of me.
    oh yeh i did a pregnancy test last week but it was negative.
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