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Sep 1, 2006
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Me and Dale have not being using protection for the past few weeks as we are wanting another, but we said if it happens, it happens. :roll:

Now I do not (Its wrong) keep track of my last AF's but I know its due. I keep thinking I am pg cause I am eating like a horse, and my belly looks like Im 3 months. I done 2 test this week-BFN.

So all I can say is I must just have fat b*stard disease cause I have been eating tonnes and put on loads of weight! Greedy gutts me thinks :lol:

PS I will feel a tad disappointed if my AF come :cry:

Just thought I'd share-you all have a "fat friend" now :oops:
Awwww fatty bum bum :D
Give it another week and test again hun and from now on keep bloody track of AF :D
LMAO @ fat friend - You'll fit right in :wink: :lol:

Good luck K - I'd give it another week like Jo suggested

i'm a fatty too!!
think i'm also gonna hafta test again soon. DH looked at my tummy this morning and went 'look at that pot! do another test!'

i said i'll kill him if it's BFN hahaha

OMG :lol:

I have my fingers crossed your DH makes it past 24 hours :shock:

:dust: x100 for the sake of you DH!!
Fingers crossed for you KX.
Like you say, we sound alike, no track of LMP, I wouldnt have a clue about my cycles etc, at the minute were just seeing if anything happens too :D
I think he has secretly had the snip-scarred for life with Rebecca me thinks :rofl:
Oh no K :hugs:

Twice as much effort next month then :wink:

Awwww (((((hugs))))) Im real sorry. I think Ill be coming on very soon. So Ill be joining you next month hun, Plenty of BDing :D
Aww hels :hugs: u never know, u mite be lucky!

It's the trying part I can't be bothered with, when I go to my bed nowadays all I want to do is sleep :sleep: :rofl:

My fingers are crossed for you Hels xxx
I keep blaming my OH sayin i think he's had snip or he drinks to much alchohol thats why he wont get me pg :rofl:
There will be a fair few TTC in jan me thinks then!
I am due AF on monday an i know she's on her way!
Hope u get ur BFP soon x
Least you wont have your AF on your wedding day, that wouldn't be good :wink:
I know i was hoping and prayin it would come before wedding day! even if im late ill have had it by the 16th! If its still on ive fell out with my OH :rofl: :gun:
Gosh not long now Sophie!! 2 weeks today!
I was on AF on my wedding day, I took 5 contracpetive pills on the night before to try and slow the flow, but i made my self very sick, good job our wedding was at 4pm cos i was still puking at 2pm!! And I had a horrible heavy AF. NOT good!!
I still havent got an AF but felt like it wouldnt be long KX

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