holiday advice pleeeeeaaasee!!!

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    hi everyone

    would someone be able to help with a question not do with ttc please, as ive searched the web for an answer and cant find one

    me, my OH, his brother, my sis and our 2 friends aswell are looking to going to florida next year.

    we want to hire a villa. i phoned jamesvilla holidays and they said we cant book with them. as my sister and her friend will be under 21 (one 19 and the other 20 i think). if we done a private rental whats the minimum age we can rent a villa.

    they'll be one of us nearly 23, two of us 21 (our other friend will be 21 the week after we come home) , and my sis will be 19.

    we only want to go on holiday, we dont want to break anything my OH works so hard he does over 70 hours a week as a builder as does his brother, i'll be qualified as a nurse then , we all work we all have respectable jobs. me and OH have had a tough few years we just want a nice holiday

    does anyone know if we would be able to rent the villa anywhere?
    and will we be able to hire a car?

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