Hormonal Flip Out


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Jul 7, 2008
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So I completely flipped out this morning for reasons that would take a long time to explain, but I was just wondering if any of you have done this...like yelling, very loudly for about 5 minutes....

:hissy: :blush:

I feel like such an idiot and because I am as far along as I am think it is not good because babes can hear me now....:cry:

did i scare him?
will this harm anything?
should I watch for anything?

:cry: DH said I should apologize to my belly....:cry:

I feel like such a :witch:
Ahh hun :hugs:

dont worry little man will be fine, im sure we've all experienced hormonal rants at times throughout our pregnancies. Where you get so pee'd off at something it drives you nuts .. you go mad and then a couple of hours later your like "OMG how embarassing, i went mad over something so silly"

Just relax, getting worked up over the fact you got worked up wont do you any favours :hugs:
I threw a little(read:huge) fit at my sister today after she barged into my room and woke me up twice in 10 minutes when I was trying to sleep :rofl:

I'm sure both our babies are fine.
Dont worry you'll be fine! It's the hormones!
I am having a hormonal few days where i am on the verge of freaking out here! trying to keep calm but I think thats worse keeping it in. :( its terrible!
i'm sure he'll be just fine, i've found my patience is shorter later. i threw a wobbler at craig so he went to watch the match in he pub but it wasnt on, so i threw a wobbler said he should have come straight home and carried on with the kitchen, i was right i think but i didnt need to yell as much as i did. he was only gone 2 hrs lol i was a bit ott lol.
its part and parcel and baby wouldnt hear it like we do, kind of like swimming in a swimming pool muffled noise, if you know what i mean lol

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