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Sep 5, 2006
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I am just wondering if it is normal to feel really low and tired and stuff during 3rd trimester. it seems all i do these days is cry and sleep. my dp is getting really annoyed with me and we've been arguing loads. can anybody give me some advice?
Hi babe,

It is perfectly normal to get tired again in the 3rd trimester as by this time you have quite a bit of a bump going on and it is not that easy getting comfy in bed and so on..............also hormones are an ongoing thing during pregnancy so mood swings can be part of the ride I'm afraid. Put the tiredness and mood swings together and it can be anough to make a saint cry!

Your OH should really think a little bit of what you are going thru and learn to ignore any short digs or snappy momets you have......it is all perfectly normal hun!

Hope you feel better soon!

:hugs: xx
just to let you all know ... the hormones seem to have settled down a bit and ive had less choked-up crying moments this week lol. Now im in 'nesting' mode and cant believe how unprepared i am for baby's arrival!!

list of things to do

move boxes out of nursery into attic
paint nursery
buy cot
and changing unit
put up shelving for nappy storage
buy baby moniter
and night light
and cot bedding
buy car seat

anything else i need to do? any suggestions lol...
i feel so unprepared lol
Awwwwwwwwwwww :lol:


I am sure you will get there hun, I think all at once you realise what needs doing and you panic..........but you have a while yet, so take it in your stride, chill and enjoy it.......remember to breathe! :wink:

Glad you are feeling better babe, I was only thinking of you today, having not seen you about for a bit!

Take care babe xx

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