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horrible day...


lucky mum of one of each!
Aug 31, 2006
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i have had the worst day ever. i am feeling so down now, (no offence 2 use guys on here)but men are such w******:(
Awwwwwwww babe!!!

Have a nice bath, get yourself a bar of chocolate, watch TV, put your feet up and sod him! :wink:

Hope you feel better hun xx

Aww Yvanne ...

If it makes you feel better I agree (well I do actually lol)

I agree with Tams idea :hugs:
lol if only it were tht easy!!! its no my OH im ragin over :( is my ex the w***** had the cheek to knock at my door and ask to see chloe :( hmmm has only taken him.... 16 month f****** tosser
ha ha am now, have a restraining(sp) order against him, as he beat me up pretty badly when i was preg we chloe and obv he broke tht by cumin up 2nyt, so is spending the nite in the cells LMAO
Well I say GOOD! Was a bit silly wasn't it!
least i can sleep in peace knowing he wont chap my door good nite girls thank you!!!
Awwwwww yvanne!!!! :hugs:

What an idiot......but I have to commend you on using the restraining order too, it is amazing how many people get them and then don't act on them when they are meant for!!

Hope he learns babe, and bloody quick!! xx
I think you did the right thing! If he did that to you whilst pregnant he lost his rights to see chloe really didnt he?!
Yvanne said:
i have had the worst day ever. i am feeling so down now, (no offence 2 use guys on here)but men are such w******:(

none taken, all men are arseholes or didn't you hear? :wink:
Are you having a better day today hun? :hugs: xx
hows this 1 for a joke....

apparantly he now has mental health issues so has had the restraining order lifted, how the hell can the police do this to me, this is twice in the space of a month they have f***** me off
wtf, i cant believe they would do that... :hugs: hope they get something sorted for you quick smart. bxox
Wouldn't mental health issues suggest a bigger reason to keep him away! Appears the only mental issue he has is himself! Low life git!!!

The system is WRONG :evil:

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