Hospital Bag for Homebirth?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by MummyJo, Aug 28, 2009.

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    I've just posted this in Pregnancy Club but hoping for as many ideas/hints/tips as possible so will post here also!

    I'm planning on a home birth and thus far I've kept putting off packing my 'emergency hospital bag' thinking it'll take no time and I know what to put in and so on... now the time has come I'm going to pack and I'm lost!

    How much stuff are you packing?
    When I had my first I didn't use 2/3 of what I bought to the hospital and don't want to make the same mistake this time - plus the more stuff I pack the less stuff I have to hand at home (for exmaple my dressing gown or slippers or camera!)

    Are you still packing 2/3 babygrows or just the one?

    I've no idea! The list on 3rd Tri just seems much to much when (fingers crossed) I won't need any of it!

    HELP! What's in yours??
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    Jan 15, 2009
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    in my emergency hospital transfer bag i have..

    3 x vets
    3 x baby grows
    1 x hat
    1 x scratch mits
    1 x blanket
    1 x pack of new born nappies
    1 x pj's
    1 x book
    1 x pack of maternity pads
    1 x pack breast pads
    1 x towel
    1 x pair socks
    3 x pants
    some chocolates, sweets and breakfast bars,
    2 x isotonic drinks

    I think thats it...?

    OH knows to grab bag and also put my slippers, dressing gown, and camera in it if we should go.

    Anything else i feel i need when im there i can call OH and he can bring it in for me during visiting times.

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