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Jan 7, 2007
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I'm just wondering how carefull you all are with eating / drinking etc.......

I was visiting a friend today and she opened some crisps and a dip and without really thinking I 'dipped' only to realise a few crisps later it was a cheese & chive dip made with mayo and on the back said 'contains egg' - is this bad?

I was advised my my midwife not to drink but another friend of mine was told by her midwife she was fine to have a couple of glasses of wine or beer a week?? Whats this all about??

How far do you all take the eating to the book? A lady in my work eats what she wants (well to a certian degree) she'll quite easily order ice crea in a restaurant with out making sure its not made with eggs? I on th other hand grill the wating on staff about what goes in to my i wrong?

Should I chill out a bit?? :wacko:
I will not eat any blue cheese, pattie, soft cheese or anything un pasterised!

You have to be careful with peanuts incase of a nut allergy in the family and i will not eat eggs.

Drinking i have the occasional drink but not every week, the occasional small glass of red (hate the stuff lo.) and a guiness is fine ... guniess has iron in!

Just eat things in moderation .... best thing you can do is what you think and just read a good pregnancy book or leaflets in your PG notes and see what they sugest!

But things like soft cheese, eggs, liver, pate etc are a no no!!

I have to be honest,the only thing I have avoided is Pate I have eaten everything else and i am sure the dip is pasteurised to safe for you to eat.
As for drinking I dont drink anyway alcohol and me do not mix,but a couple of glasses of wine will be fine well once or twice a week.

Cheese an chive dips is fine I'm sure.

Also see this thread hun:
Yup the cheese and chive dip is fine as its pasturised. The problem with mayo is if its ome made, cause then its raw eggs. Shop bought stuff like helmans etc is fine, you can still eat boiled eggs too, its just that you should make sure they are fully cooked, ie not yokey. You will find your eating eggs loads anyway in plenty of other things anyway like pasta and cakes etc that all contain eggs.

Their is a lot of misconception over what you can and cant eat during pregnancy, as some guidlines knock out whole types of food, just to make it easier for people to know exactly what you can and cant have.

For instance Im still eating prawns. If they are super market bought they have been frozen, which kills the bugs in the same way cooking them does. If you check out the food standards agency webiste it will tell you in details what is and isnt recomended.
As I worry as much as you, sam, I will tell you what I am not eating.
Prawns, which I absolutely love, liver I wont touch, pate, soft cheeses, Im a bit funny about mayo, I dont eat fried/soft boiled eggs and that's pretty much it.
I havent touched a drop of alcohol in 4 months now and I intend on keeping it that way too. My partner even tried to convince me to have some labrini at his birthday bash on the 23rd but I even considered that to be a risk (its only 5% per bottle, if that)
Its really upto you what you eat, aslong as you feel you're not hurting yourself or the baby it's fine.
I have been on a grease diet for the last 2 weeks, mainly sausages and eggs but everything is fried, plus im not eating veg but have been advised to stay on pre-natal vitamins. Some people say that the grease diet im on will harm me and the baby, but so far theres been no proof of that as my full blood count levels came back normal *shrugs*.
Oh and if you like crab sticks but are worried you cant eat them because its 'shell fish', thats a pile of crap because theres not one ounce of crab in those things and it doesnt even contain fish! :) Sorry to babble. x
I ate King Prawn curries throughout my og with Rebecca and Dairylea dunkers-just had 2, yum yum.

I did avoid pate, but have been told its only harmful if u eat slabs of the stuff.

I do miss pate tho! And not to forget my rose wine!!!

Once I have my scan on Wednesday I am going to have a wee glass of wine!:baby:
Things i avoid that i used to eat- Pate and Brie

As for alcohol, think i had one "SnowBall" at Xmas but that's about it... been a very good girl :).

I eat Mayo (not homemade!), i eat eggs, i eat the skin on my jacket potatoes (thoroughly washed before hand) and everything else....

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