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how did you get pregnant?

First - We were both not thinking and were like, "Let's just fuck right now!", and that's what we did, ripped off our clothes and went at it. Unprotected.

Second - Condom. Apparently a faulty one though.

Same :thumbup:
I was on the pill but would get so drunk i'd be sick or be too hungover to even think about it and once i'd dragged myself out of bed and got ready it would have completely slipped my mind anyways. Then we'd get drunk again and not use anything but then we didnt when we werent drunk.
We'd talked about like if i did get pregant he wouldnt wanna you know but that was as far as the talks went nothing 'serious'
then bam just over a month after i met him im pregnant.

there isnt an option on there but i'd choose stupidity! wouldnt change it now but i wish i'd had waited till id been in a realtionship longer and with someone different.
TOTALLY unprotected! no form of bc :L it was mine and OH's first time aswell!
Not planned, didn't have protection. I read about tracking my ovulation and we just avoided the week in which I was most fertile. Anyway, one week, I forgot to check, and I assumed we were fine! Only after we had sex, I checked and I realised, but I still thought it wouldn't happen... 2/3 weeks later, no period, panicky boyfriend = 2 positive pregnancy tests!
i wouldn't say LO was planned but she wasn't unplanned either, we didn't use any protection at all for ONE WHOLE WEEK! haha. we had the idea "what happens, happens" :)
With my first she was planned, second I was on the mini pill and third we had a broken condom.
I was on the mini pill. No one believes me that I didn't miss any. They say the days of the week on the packet so I'd know if I did, I'm not that stupid!
i was on the green pill (i can't remember the name, began with an m :dohh:)
We just didn't use protection all the time, tbh I wasn't thinking of pregnancy :dohh: Would not change it for the world though! :kiss: I was immature and a party girl, my son was the making of me :)

I was seeing & sleeping with OH for a month before we began a relationship.. Found out I was about 3-4 weeks pregnant maybe 2 weeks later :blush: Looks bad as when me and OH will have been together for a year Jason will be 3 months old.. Exactly 9 months between :dohh:
Don't worry Clair. I'm the same lol. Me and OH will be together a year in Oct when Toby will be 3 months old.

We was in a new relationship and kinda just got jiggy lol! Didn't think about contraception. Scary telling OH I was pregnant after only knowing him for a few weeks. Ooops. Toby is our best surprise ever though, wouldn't change him for the world.

Still not thought about contraception yet, best think otherwise Toby will be a big brother.xx
My first was planned and my second we were on the pill and used condoms each time.

condoms but apperantly it didnt work too well considering now i have a 5 month old :dohh: :haha:

wouldn't change a thing except for who her father is .

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