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How long should i wait before...


Married, but not ttc
Dec 17, 2006
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How long should i wait before I go to the doctors for test? I'm currently on day 37, but this is my first month off the pill. No sign of AF and i got yet another BFN this morning. What do you guys think?
Strange hun - How long have you been TTC again? I think 10 days tomorrow late is enough to see your GP over :D
Just this month wobbs, but i dont want to go too early cause this is my first cycle off the pill. Then, i was only on the pill 2yrs. Wouldn't have thought it'd take too long for stuff to get back to normal.
Same here,you did get faint line though didnt you? I reckon we will be congratulating you this time next week

Ah the pill!!!

No experience personally with the pill but its been known that women TTC after the pill can wait anything up to a year for periods to regulate but I don't think that is too common - Sorry :(

Doubtful though hun huh maybe your just having a one off dodgy cycle :wink: If you pop an see your GP he/she will be able to advice you better :D
Bexxie - yeah, but i think i was imagining it, lol. Haven't had a faint line since ^_^

Wobbs - Mmm, that why i thought i'd ask ppl how long a should wait. Don't know how long is too long a first cycle off the pill, lol ^_^ But yeah, i should make an appointment. I hate going to the doctors tho, never know what to say to get my point across, lol :roll:
Found this:

The Pill and TTC

Any hormonal medication that you take (for example, the Birth Control Pill or Depo provera) to help you avoid pregnancy overrides your bodies natural hormonal system.

This means that for the time you are using these medications, the medication runs your menstrual cycle and fertility not your body.

When you stop taking the medication it takes some time for your body to regain its natural menstrual cycle. How long it takes to do that depends on:

the individual
their lifestyle
which medication they were on
how long they took the medication.
If you are trying to conceive and have been on the Pill or others, you cannot necessarily assume that you will fall pregnant straight away. It takes time for the artificial hormones to be released from your body and for your body to get back into the swing of running its own menstrual cycle and fertility again.

You should allow at least 3-6 months to get the Pill out of your system. If you are older (over 30 years) or have been on the medication for over 3-5 years then you may need to allow 12 months to resume a natural cycle.

Remember that a healthy regular cycle represents a healthy fertility system which is far more likely to have a healthy pregnancy and carry a baby to full term. Keep this in mind if you are tempted to hurry the process along.

There are things you can do to speed up the coming off medication process see the next few chapters on incresing the odds.
Thanks wobbs. Hope it doesnt take 3 months tho :shock: I'm so impatient :lol: I think i'll wait, erm, a while before going to the docs ^_^;
Ive been to the doctors twice for a late AF, i waited till 14 days late before seeing him. I would go ahead and make an appointment anyways, see what happens. If it becomes a reagular thing for you to irregular (i hope it doesnt!) then the doctor will have on records when you see him because of a late AF.

Hope that made sense , looks like rambling to me lol
Made perfect sense AG. Thanks for the advice :hugs:

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