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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by ladyjayne, Dec 17, 2009.

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    So just after new years i'll have BF Finn for 6 months and Im sooo proud of myself for doing it. im going back to work then and for ease and my lifestyle i'll be giving formula through the day and then hopefully still BF at night, how long will i be able to do that for before my milk dries up?
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    Breast milk is made on supply and demand basis, so if you are feeding every night and morning you will probably supply for those times. Plus you can supply for weekends or days too, your body adjusts well as lonbg as its consistent. I fyou do one feed one night and then not another, supply can be low but easily regained, if you miss more then 3-4 in a row then you may have problems, but as I said keeping a routine with it will keep it going. Some women do dry up, but many things come into play with that like I said missing feeds and when baby goes through a growth spurt instead of putting to the breast more women often go for the bottle, but its what evr feels right to you!

    Although quite often some bf babies wont take anything in the day if Mummy isn't there, be it bm or formula. Quite often they wait until you get home and marathon feed!

    Many moms experience that, but as he will be at solids age he will have a variety in the day so I wouldn't worry too much and just go with the flow :)
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    Sorry to jump in - but when you say you can supply for weekends - does that mean that even if LO gets formula during the day during the week, it is possible for Mum to make daytime milk for weekend days?

    I.e. - when I go back to work full time, if LO gets formula at nursery, then breast when she is at home - could I exclusively bf at weekends? Or would she still need formula during the day on a Saturday and Sunday?

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