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Sep 1, 2006
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ok we were getting ready about 20 mins ago to take Adele and Colby to the park as its been a lovely day and OH has been out playing with the cars all day. We were going to a park with wee animals and stuff in it, its great :lol: told Adele to go upstairs and get her trainers and on the way down she was jumping and i was just about to finnish saying 'walk your going to fall and bang your head' she missed a step and went head first into teh wall :o :wacko: their is a huge lump and its deep blue so dont think were going now as shes sitting on teh sofa with an ice pack stuck to it. Its starting to go down but she says it still hurts loads so will give her an hour if its still bad looks like only place we will be going will be A&E :roll: so hers hoping she will be ok :wacko:
Awft, hope shes ok!

I fell head first out of a trolley when i was young. im fine! i think lol.
think shes ok shes asking for sweeties so she must be ok :lol:
Oh gosh poor woman but not daft is she :lol:
Probably too late now but Calprofen or Nurofen for kids is great for bumps.

Will easy the pain, reduce the swelling and give them confidence you're helping them.

Awwwwwwwwww Hope she is OK hun :hugs: xx
well we went to the park afterall and then went for a chippi and fed the ducks and she was fine till she got home and was time for bed, i just checked on her every half hour but thismorning it doesnt look so bad still a tiny bit swollen but not as bad as it was and she said its not hurting only when she raises her eyebrows so im sure she is ok :D
Glad all is well hun, bless her xx

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