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Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by Fossey, Apr 25, 2009.

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    Liss is just over 3 months. She weighs 16 and a bit lbs. Th HV isn't worried about her weight as she is long. Her length is in conjunction with her height so although she is on the 91st centile for weight and just under for height she says its OK. I am concerned though as she is drinking a lot of milk. When i make a bottle up I put 8oz in i, most feeds she will leave an oz and has normally 5 bottle a day inc nights. Some nights she will skip her last feed so will just have the 4 bottles.

    She has started wanted feeds an hour earlier than what she did. I tried the hungry baby milk which did not agree with her. She was very windy and brought a lot back up. She tried it for 3 days one meal a day and I know that isn't a lot but wasnt prepared to let her be in any discomfort.
    I don't want to up her feeds anymore as she is having a lot. HV said to put one less scoop in one or two feeds so she gets same amount of liquid but less callories. I do this for max of two feeds and she seems OK doing that.

    When she has her bottle, she doesnt want more which is good, she just seems to want it sooner. Last night she just had 4 oz before she went to sleep. The night before she went to sleep and missed her last bottle. So it seems she is getting enough in the day now, and doesnt need it in the evening which is good.

    HV said at her weight she should be having between 32-40 oz so what I am giving is OK BUT I still feel its too much from what I have read. Although most days she has no more than 33oz I would say. I don't even think we have had a 40oz day as she always leaves 1-2 oz for at least 2 meals.

    I am worried about weaning too early but I am looking at baby rice when she hits 4 months if we are still having these issues. i dont want her to have to scream constantly for food, i hate the thought of her being hungry. I feed her when she asks for it, but I like to be ready so she doesnt have to get to that stage.

    What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think I am doing the right thing? Do you think she is having too much now? I cant reduce it, I cant have her being hungry. HV said if she wants it she must have it, so I need to look into alternatives. I won't be starting before 4 months, but I still am not keen on that but if I have to I have to. I just am looking for some advice really on what you ladies did when you had a hungry baby before 6 months.

    [edit] Forgot to add she has about 10 mins of boob too, but most of that comes back up!
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    i would think about maybe giving her a bit of some kind of solid.... fin started to have solids around your LO's age. he was so ravenous and he was getting a real chunky monkey. tbh he's been on 3 meals a day for a while now and has about 28oz of milk through the day inc dream feed. his weight has started to even out now, plus he's ovr 6 months and far more active.

    hope that helps somehow! xx

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