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Discussion in 'Gender Disappointment' started by Blue_star, May 21, 2012.

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    I so very badly want to have a little girl for my first baby. I'm 21 weeks now but I don't get to find out the gender until June 1st I already know tho that is is a little boy.. I guess I feel badly because secretly I wish my baby was a girl I wanted to call her Bree so much. I'm pretty sure at this point i'm going to be a single parent I was so wishing for a daughter right now it would've made me feel so good for some reason. But I just know it's a boy I am going to love baby and I already feel an attachment.

    But I feel guilty for wanting to pick out girls clothes and everyone telling me it's a girl and how they want it to be a girl. Even my OH told me he wanted a little Bree before he left me. When the Doctor told me this week the heartbeat was in the 150's I kind of felt so happy and excited as I heard the wives tale about gender and heartbeat.. But I looked it up online and found it was just a myth.
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    Hey hun I just wanted to tell you I honestly thought without a doubt that I was having a boy. So did my husband. I have 4 brothers and so did my husband (one died). Neither of us had any sisters. I thought there was no way I could possibly have a girl, so I just set in my mind it would be a boy, all the while wishing inside for a girl faintly. I just didn't allow myself to get set on it. when I got my gender scan, we were very shocked to hear it was a girl. After I heard that, I realized how much I really had been wanting a girl. It really helped me to just set in my mind that it was a boy though. I would encourage you to just keep thinking its a boy, so if it is, you will be used to the idea. If not, you will be surprised. It really helped me not stress about it when thinking that God has picked out the perfect family for me, and he is not going to make a mistake and give you something that is not good for you. I just figured, if I had all boys, God would give me the strength to handle it! Im very used to boys, growing up with all those little brothers lol. But I am very blessed to have a girl first, just as I would be blessed if I was having a boy. I told my husband before we knew the gender, I would keep having kids until I had a girl, or adopt! I still plan on having 4 kids or so ;) ill be praying for peace for you, so you aren't stressed about this.

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