I have cholestasis of pregnancy at almost 18 weeks. Scared

Discussion in 'Gestational Complications' started by Suggerhoney, May 9, 2019.

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    Hi ladies

    So I've been diognosed with cholestasis of pregnancy or ICP as its known.
    I am almost 18 weeks pregnant.

    My pregnancy is also high risk because I have had a liver transplant back in 2011and I am on anti rejection medication I am also an older mummy to be. (39)

    I also had cholestasis in my last pregnancy and pre eclampsia but I was 34 weeks and They ended up inducing me at 35 weeks and 4 days because the bile numbers got to high and so did my blood pressure due to the pre eclampsia.
    I wasnt as worried about it with her because I was at a safe enough stage to get induced and she was born weighing 5lbs.

    I am nearly 18 weeks pregnant now and at around 11 weeks I started getting really itchy skin. The itching got so bad that I was losing sleep and making myself bleed with the scratching.
    Anyway I ended up going to the doctors because of the extreme itching and they did bloodwork.
    I've had about 3 more bloodtests since then and was diognosed with ICP yesterday.
    I've been put on meds that are supposed to stabilise the bile acid which they will keep me on until I'm at a safe stage to be induced or have a c section.

    I know this condition can cause very early labour or still birth so as u can imagine I am worried sick.

    I still have such a long way to go yet until I'm anywhere near being safe to be induced.

    Has anyone ever had this condition really early like me and it all turn out ok?
    I know my baby will be born early but I'm just hoping that with the medication I can get to the very very least 34 weeks.
    I am so scared I am going to lose my baby boy. All I keep doing is crying and I just dont know who to turn to.
    So anyone has any advice I wud really appreciate i .
    I am midwife and consultant lead.
    I see the midwife tommorow but will not be seeing my high risk pregnancy consultant until 4th June so a few weeks away yet.
    I just feel in limbo land not knowing what the future holds.
    I just want my baby to be ok and healthy.
    I've been feeling so happy but now its back to worrying again.
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    Hugs hon.
    Didnt want to read and run.
    I had cholestasis on my first but late at 38 weeks
    I read lots at the time and came across lots of people who got it earlier and meds helped control it till bub reached a safe deliverable age.
    Huge hugs for your worry xx
    But it can all work out well even though its earlier this time x
    Best of luck.

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