i know this may sound stupid but ........

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Sep 14, 2006
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im on my 4th pregnancy lost the third baby through misscarrage but want to know anyone who had they 3rd pregnancy did anyone feel their baby move quite early im supposed to be nearly 12 weeks on monday but had an early scan for dates but showed i was only 5 weeks on the friday and was supposed to be 8 weeks on the monday but im sure i can feel like a little kick or movement i know it sounds stupid but i know what a kick feels like i have a scan tomorrow to see how many weeks the baby measures and to have my due date just wanted to know anyone else experienced movement early???? spunky xxx
HiI had bubbles at 12 weeks and am only now feeling what i would say is recognisable movement at nearly 19 weeks. the scan you had earlier can be wrong as the one I had at 6 weeks was moved to 8 weeks then the 12 weeks I should have been 11 weeks but was 13weeks 2 days so seriousley wait til the official 12 and see what they say then. Oh and if slim i htink you can feel more movements,i am well covered tho,lol.

Good luck,how far are you in your views now?


I felt the tickly bubbles at 12 weeks with this (no. 2) pregnancy. No one beieved me but I felt my first baby at 14 weeks, I think you are definatly feeling something. Don't listen to the it must be wind!

hi girls thanks for the replies had scan on friday and on the screen im sure it said (8w 3d) 8 weeks and 3 days the sonographer said im in between 8-9 weeks confusing i know i wont have a 12 week scan now just got my 20 but midwife is coming out next wednesday so she what she has to say thanks again spunky xxxx
Why no 12 weeks scan hun?
coz they have seen the baby and how many weeks i am but see what midwife says xx
Oh I'd want one for the scan piccie! Twist some arms hun :twisted:
cant even have a scan piccy till im 20 weeks im so annoyed as with my 2 boys i had 12 and 20 week scan pic so im not happy :evil:

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