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I let my OH ...


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Aug 31, 2006
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highlight my hair :shock:

20 minutes & I'll tell you if hes still alive! :lol:
:shock: :shock: i woulnt dare let mine near me,i only have to look at his hair to realise it would be a BIG mistake
Oh I kept being told off for moving :roll: :lol: I trust him if hes fucked it up I'll immac his balls! :twisted:
lmao your brave, if i let dan do mine i expect he wud stab me with the hook thing :lol:
Wobbles he will get his own back :lol:

U will be like Grotbags (green hair!) :wink:
bloody hell wobbles, I thought the title said I left my OH....
When my hair was long my husband would color my hair. Im sure he will do a good job! :lol:
He did - Pics are naff so they have been deleted!

Its chocolate cherry with dark copper mahogany highlights :D
get the pics up before i head to bed :D

or maybe not, i mite have nitemares :rofl:
The amount of times uve slapped me today I feel like Ive been beat up :twisted:
I thought that as I posted it tbh bt thought what the hell she deserves it :twisted:
Wobbles said:
I thought that as I posted it tbh bt thought what the hell she deserves it :twisted:

I do for that one :rofl:

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