i might be a bit early asking this but are any of you waiting till xmas day to tell?


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Mar 17, 2008
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your news to your family?

most of you i know will be over 12 weeks but for you newbies wondered if you are waiting till 12 weeks

would be so exciting and i hope i will get my bfp in time to do the same :hug:

actually just worked it out and if you start your period today you will be 12 on xmas day LOLOLOL

well you never know i'll ask anyway is there anyone waiting till longer than 12 weeks to tell there family
i'm 4 weeks 2 days pg,already finding it difficult to tell, be lucky if i wait till 6 weeks!!
but its a nice idea!!
that is a good idea , but Im sure everyone will know before then , Im already showing at 9 weeks .
We were going to wait until we were 1 2weeks but I sorta grew at about 6 weeks and I was obviously pregnant!
Everybody knows now and can celebrate with us!:happydance:
I sometimes wish I could wait, but I cant. I already am in maternity clothes and have a huge belly. I am not a big person and a size four pants person. I cannot hide it :( I can't even say I have just gained weight because wlel it's all in the belly. I could go with "I have a tumor" but that isnt too funny. lol

Also I am a blabber mouth. I can never keep it in. Hubby waited to tell his family once we got the ultrasound and saw a heart beat.
I just found out today so I don't know how I'm going to feel in a few weeks but my 2nd trimester starts December 9th so it might be nice to send an ultrasound pic in christmas cards to tell everyone :) With my daughter we waited until 12 weeks to tell everyone (incl. parents, bestfriends, siblings etc) just because I am very superstitious and wanted to wait until we were in the "safe" period. But with this being my second pregnancy I don't know if I will start showing earlier so maybe people will start guessing?? Last time I didn't show until 14-16 weeks.

awww that would be lovely thats what i wanted to do last year but didnt get pg until feb! lol x x
thats my plan if it all goes smoothly. I would be about 16 weeks by christmas. my parents keep saying how me and my husband aren't ready to have a family and we should just be enjoying ourselves, even though i'm 28! so i'm not quite sure how they'll react to the news really.
i'm in two minds about this one myself. i want to tell my sister and mum sooner so they can share their experience with me, but then it will only be fair to tell OHs family then too, and he has a much bigger family than me so it will feel like the whole world knows, and would be awful if we then had to untell them... at the moment i'm hoping to wait until after 12 weeks as we have xmas plans to see both families in december.
I told my Mum and Dad on Tuesday when I found out properly with a digital test, about 4 weeks and 3 days because I wanted them to know first as I then had to tell my supervisor at work as I work with nasty chemicals that are teratogenic sometimes and had to say something so that I am not in the lab or don't have to be near anything bad- this was much earlier than I wanted to, would rather have waited at least another month or so, but it was more important to me to keep away from anything that could possibly be harmful. I want DH to wait to tell his parents, but doesn't seem fair as mine know.....going to docs on Monday for confirmation etc.
We have already told our parents....but we don't live near our family any more so xmas is ideal. I have already asked my parents not to tell the rest of the family as I want them to just see me at xmas and work it out for themselves! I believe its our news to tell people and not theirs.......just want to wait to have the first scan too! :hugs:
I would love to have done that but we couldn't even keep it to ourselves that we were trying! (only told our parents) and then we told them that we're pregnant as soon as we found out..

As for the rest of my family, my brother knows as it's a delicate situation with him so I wanted to make sure he heard it from me and my OHs sister knows as she lives with his parents so didn't want to hide it from her. We're not really close to anyone else so they'll find out as and when!
I will be around 16 weeks....so I figure if I am showing everyone can muddle it through themselves. If they can't well it will be a big surprise later!
only are parents no for now, we have decided to wait till after i have had my 12 week scan, we will be having a early scan at 8 weeks, due to a m/c last time, and i know then i will be dying to tell people!!! but deffo gunna wait till 12 week.
I am struggling with the not telling people as quite a lot of my friends knew we were due for hospital appointments in september for tests because of ttc for over a year. I feel awful getting sympathy and encouraging words about ttc when i'm now actually pregnant. But I don't want everyone to know until the 'safe' period, and I know if I told my best mate as nice as she is she can't keep a secret even if I ask her to. It is because of her that people knew we were ttc.

Already told my parents and told my brother last night as he was getting upset for us about ttc as he just has to look at his wife and she is pregnant. So had to tell him!
We're going to tell the rest of the family after the scan on Tuesday (our parents already know), then I'm going to do the Facebook thing too! Can't wait! :D
I was thinking Christmas Day would be good too. I will be 18 weeks or so by then - we don't spend Christmas with the parents or see them very often and so there is no chance of guessing until then. As an older first time mum (I'm 36) I wanted to know the results of all the tests first and to be totally sure everything is OK before I tell them. I have told my friends though - different kind of relationship I guess.

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