I need opinions on furnishing please girls

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Louise, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Louise

    Louise Proud mum to baby Nick

    Jan 12, 2007
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    I am NO good with furnishing a room- not at all, and as I am on a tight budget, it kinda makes it 10x worse for me to decide what is what.
    I haven't just had to furnish a nursery, I had to move into the large computer room which was totally wrecked, had to be re-plastered, lined, papered, painted, carpeted and then partly furnished, PLUS buy things for the baby, all on a budget of £600!
    All I need to buy now is the wardrobe sets, but problem is, I really cannot decide what to get and this is why I need some advice!
    Despite having a little boy, the room (because it's also my bedroom) is very very girly. White walls, pink carpets, pink fluffy cushions, etc:, (looks like something barbie would sleep in lol)
    Anyway, I need to think practical but I just cannot seem to make up my mind.
    If it was you and you were on a budget, what would you go for?
    A pretty little white wardrobe for 72£ plus matching chest of drawers for an additional £30, or one double wardrobe with 3 drawers for £95?
    I want this room to be 'picture perfect' so to speak but everything just seems really expensive. I was going to buy a white wardrobe from Ikea which was £49, but with VAT and delivery charge, I was looking at over £100.
    Whats more pratical do you think? wardrobe without drawers + chest of drawers for £106 (thats with delivery charges) or one two door wardrobe with drawers. for a total of £95?
    Im not good with money; usually, if it looks good, I get it....REGARDLESS, but with baby nicky on the way, I cant afford to be selfish.
    Do you girls know of ANY decent online stores that I could maybe look into? Tesco direct seems a little pricey, and Im currently looking at Argos- are there any more?

    Thanks for reading x x
  2. Trinity

    Trinity Well-Known Member

    Feb 20, 2007
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    I think you would have more storage spece with the separates but maybe the wardrobe with drawers would be best if you dont have much room.

    Personally i would go for the separates though.
  3. Lil_Baby_Boo

    Lil_Baby_Boo Well-Known Member

    Jan 7, 2007
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    I'd pop down to B&Q they've got a sale on. We got baby a set of drawers for £32, they're really nice come to about waist high (think they're beech!?) 3 drawers, really deep and on runners...so easy to put together! They also had the wardrobe to match a two door wardrobe with two drawers for £52, they also had a three door but dunno how much for?
    Its worth a look...

    Good Luck x

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