I think the next week is gonna drive me crazy!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by MrsBandEgglet, Jan 31, 2011.

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    I'm six months pregnant, I have my MIL staying for a week (although she is lovely I admit), tuesday is my son's first birthday and saturday is his birthday party, which I still have sooooo much preparation to do for :dohh: Now, my own mum has just sprung it on me that there will be another adult and a child coming because she "couldn't say no". Yeah, cheers mother! :thumbup: That's now 11 children and 16 adults in my teeny tiny house. Nightmare :headspin: I feel like there are a zillion and one things to do and my hubby is being a bit of a complete-and-utter tosspot about this by doing the bare minimum because it was me that "decided to arrange this". I just want to make this birthday as spectacular for my LO as I can, I want to make a fuss of him because next year we'll have two babies and things will be a lot different. I seriously feel quite frazzled and every time something I had planned in my head for this party doesn't seem possible (such as finding the exact party hats I wanted) I feel like bursting into tears :brat:

    My MIL has said she'll help but that will likely just involve making bloody cups of tea and maybe drying a few dishes (not putting them away of course because despite how many times I've shown her where everything goes she still claims to not know :dohh:) Then there's the TV; I'll probably be spending half my time all week showing her over and over again how to turn the bloody telly on, so when she comes down in the morning and we're not up yet she'll sit in silence and then inevitably say to me "chellie my love I didn't put the TV on because I didn't know how to work it but it's ok I've only been up a few hours" Arrrgggggghhhhh!!!!

    Gosh, this turned into more of a MIL rant than I intended. I do love her really, she's wonderful as far as MIL's go but they all have their ways eh? :shrug:
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    My MIL has been getting on my nerves since the day we told her we were pregnant. I know she means well, and she really isn't that bad as far as MILs go, but still. Everything she does just annoys me.

    She keeps track of what weeks I should be going to the doctor and will call/email me to ask about it. It's weird. And, she's started complaining to my BIL (not to me or DH) that she thinks she's never going to get to see the baby (MIL lives 2 hours away, my family lives 10 minutes away- NOT my fault.)

    Try not to stress about it. You'll get everything done.
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    Your MIL sounds EXACTLY like my MIL!!
    My MIL knows exactly when we go to our midwife although we don't even tell her.
    Last time I saw her the first thing she said was "IF I'll ever get to see Aleena" ..:dohh:
    This annoys the crap out of me especially cause I haven't seen my own mother in 2 years cause she lives overseas, and my mother will prolly only see us like once a year for a week or so!! Grr.

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