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I want one


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Oct 28, 2006
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I have been together with me bfriend for nearly 3 years i am trying to get in to move him but as he says i am happy where i am is the answer to everything and i would really like it if he moved in thats the first issue and secondly I WANT ONE big style i have a beautiful Goddaughter Ella who is cutie and her Uncle russ is slowly taking interested in babies i no realistly we cant afford on yet as hes needs a better job as he work nights and if he thinks that i am doing all the night feeds on me owe he can get to f**K also i live in a flat i love life with just us two of us put i feel there is something missing and i want to make us whole do get me wrong he is a fab guy i love him to bits but i think that if we move in together he may want what i do im so impaintention and i hate waiting for things HELP I GOING MAD!!!

Does he live with his parents then?

I'm not sure if most of us could afford a baby when you think about it - I know I do wonder but I guess when you have to you do & it becomes priority because you naturally ma ke sureyour wee one has what he/she needs.

I think men get scared at the thought of moving in with girlfirend, having a family ..... it means growing up :lol:

hello you! I know how much you want one missy!

(Her goddaughter Ella is my Ella! pics of Tif in the photo gallery under ella's christening :D )

I think Russ is sloooowly coming round to the idea, he is great with Ella I think secretly he would love kids but is a bit scared!
i no what u mean wobbles he does live with his parents i think that he is sacred of growing up and he thinks that a baby will stop him doing the thinks he wants like going out i babysat maddy yesterday he was wicked with her he settle her no probs c pics photo gallery i lov ehim but when maddy went home yesterday my flat felt empty with out her i no she anit mine but i would love it we had our own
Aww hun I'm sure he will soon want the same as you :hugs:

Doeshe know how you feel? Without meaning or wanting it to sound the wrong way if he does he may be feeling pressured!

Hello hun :hi:

Just wanted to welcome you! x
i know i do go about it quiet a bit but i want one so bad and he is slowly coming around to the idea but i need to be patient but i m not a patient girl thata all p.s thanks tam he probably does feel pressured i dont know

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