if late when to test *update again*

i tested the day after i was late :oops: :lol: but waited 7 days then handed a sample into gp and within 2 days i got my BFP with Colby

good luck hun hope its your BFP coming your way :D :D :D :D
Test on day AF would be due or erm the minute you know your late.

Good luck Tiff!xx :lol:
thats i doubt im pregs this month i have had a stressful month so i think im just late i was suppose to be due on the 20th
i thought it wasnt for you tiff :lol: :lol:

good luck hope its your BFP :D :D
weestar21 said:
i thought it wasnt for you tiff :lol: :lol:

good luck hope its your BFP :D :D

i was trying to hide the fact i was late but im crap at lying do u test in the morn ?
i would test first thing in teh morning, well thast when the doc tells you to do a urine sample if your testing by the docs :wink:

good luck hun keep us updated
Its best to but as your late if you wanted to test today go for a pee now & drink nothing for 3 hours & don't pee again for those 3 hours - Thats what the EPU told me then test :D
Go for the Tesco pinkies as I called them - Around £5 for 2 tests in a pink & white box :D

Good luck Tiff! :D
I wouldn't recommend them if I thought they were shit :lol:
far enough answer i really doubt im pregs coz its been a stressful month this happen last time year i was preg then lost it so who knows
Good luck :D

Fingers crossed for you .. let us know how it goes


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