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    Abby discovered something fantastic she absolutely had to show me and would I wash out her cup so she could show it to me.

    Given I was in the middle of eating dinner I said I would do it when I was done. She asked me again, I said when I'm finished and the third ask was accompanied by a pleeeeeeeese. I told her that if she asked again the answer would be a permanent no. She asked again...

    I reminded her what I had said so the answer was now no. Cue lots of tears and dramatic shouting.

    "But mummy, give me one more chance, I promise I won't ask again, one more chance? What is it worth? I'll give you money, all the money from my purse, it's £100 pounds, you could be rich" :haha:

    I told her I could not be bought and the answer was still No.

    As she wandered off to the living room sobbing she said "oh nobody loves me, WHEN (dramatic with hand gestures) will I get the love back"

    I love her to bits but she hasn't half got a flair for the dramatics!

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