I'm confused and desperately hoping i haven't missed the boat!

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Gale2509, Apr 7, 2009.

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    Hey everyone,

    This is my first time on here, was hoping someone may know the answer to my question?

    Not quite sure about all the abbreviations yet, i need more time to figure out what's what so apologies it's longwinded ladies!

    Been TTC for last 6 mths, on a 30-32 cycle, been trying for 6 mths. Bought a Clear Blue Digital Ovulation kit thingy on Sat afternoon, which was CD14 tested in eve and it was Negative.
    Tested again Sun Eve CD15 and it was Postive - unfortunately tho no Hubby he was away working! Panic stations - seriously considered getting next plane out!
    He is back today though being Monday CD16 woke up this morn, tested Postive again but by time Hubby home this eve Negative?
    We have obviously spent eve making the most of the opportunity - however, i'm confused about my chances? Have i left it too late?

    I'm driving myself mad already, i'm like a woman possessed, it's not his fault he had to work away, he didn't know that would be a bloody LH surge in the middle of his conference - but i'm angry and frustrated and just really really want a BFP!!!

    Loadsa Love Becks xxxxxx
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    I wouldn't think you are out entirely. It just probably means that you ovulated on cd15 or cd16. The egg can survive for up to 24 hours before it dissolves. So, there is a chance that your BD'ing session Monday evening might have caught the egg just in time.

    Good luck!! :dust:
  3. SarahMelissa

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    Feb 10, 2009
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