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Im confused!!


Jacey & Baby Tye
Mar 7, 2008
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I dont know whether this is because of my pregnancy brain and im being totally dumb.. But i am so confused so i just wanted to ask..

My due date is 19th oct, Has been from the very first scan and matches with my LMP of 14th Jan. and according to calendar and doctor i conceived around 28th Jan.

But.. My friend who is due 8days before me, 11th oct. Is so sure she conceived on 1st Jan and LMP was in december..
But if baby was conceived 1st jan that wouldnt make her due date 11th oct would it :S

How does that work?! If she is due 8days before me but there is like 28days inbetween when we conceived?! Im probably just being dumb here but i cant work it out :dohh:
Some people it can depend on how long their cycle is...

The due date is calculated from the first day of your LMP... Not by date of conception. The doctors consider your period, and the weeks before conception to be part of your gestation peiod.

I think that is likely why at scans the baby can be developed a bit more or a bit less, because they may have actually been conceived a few days ahead or behind.
Ohhh i see! This has just been bugging me for weeks i couldnt work it out!!

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