I'm dreading tonight.


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Feb 20, 2008
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I've got to go and meet up with some work mates for pizza this evening, and tbh I'm dreading it. My boss is going to be there, and I haven't seen her since I left the building in tears on my second to last day at the end of July - she had been really horrible to me and I felt so awful I didn't go in for my last day and was really feeling rubbish and tearful for a few weeks afterwards.

I also know that they are all going to be comparing my bump to my colleague who is due 6 days before me and will also be there. They did that all the way through at work, saying "oooh, you're much smaller aren't you" and "are you sure your baby is growing properly". This girl is about 6 inches shorter than me for a start, and had a baby 18 months ago, so she's bound to look a bit bigger than me.

I don't want to go, but I've got to - wish me luck girls!
oh God! Good luck!! I wouldn't be going hun!! You're brave and very patient!
awww, hold ur head high hun, be proud of ur bump too, mayb ur pregnant mate is jst fat ! :p

have a good night and dont let them wreck it for u!!
I'd suddenly get a pregnancy ailment and "oh dear I'm so sorry I cant make it" if you do go bite tounge count to ten and eat as much pizza as you can on your bosses expense xxxxx
oh God! Good luck!! I wouldn't be going hun!! You're brave and very patient!

I figure that I might need the job to go back to, given the current financial situation everywhere, so trying not to burn any bridges! I was going to put in a greivance against my boss with HR but decided I didn't need the stress.
good luck hun, I hope you manage to enjoy yourself and they aren't too mean. Mmm...pizza. It's gotta be worth it for that, or is that just me being a greedy food-obsessed fatty? xxx
Good luck tonight!!!! Just bite your tongue and smile serenely, eat your pud and go!!!!
Good luck hope it goes ok :) XxX
Good luck! Hope your boss is nicer to you, and if not try not let it get to you!:hugs:
You poor thing. Whereabouts in West Sussex are you? If you're near me, I'll pop along and poke 'em all in the eyes for you if you like!!!:rofl: I could do with some light entertainment!!!
hope it turns out to be better than you are expecting! x x

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